Life is better together

Wanting to Join a Group?

Discipleship Groups are the heartbeat of Creekside Church. We believe that we are all called to make disciples, and that we will never fulfill the Great Commission unless we feel confident and competent to share our faith with the world around us. We equip one another through our discipleship material, "Making Disciples, It's Like Riding a Bike". It is a simple, effective way to know, experience, and teach the fundamentals of the Christian faith.

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Wanting to Serve on a Team?

A team is a group of people all working together toward a common goal. Each operating in their specific function and gifting to be able to accomplish so much more than they ever could individually. We believe that being part of a team is giving God the first fruits of our talent. At Creekside, our teams exist to help us radically love our community and one another. We believe that serving is so much more fun when we do it with friends!

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