Our mission is simple: we want to radically love Jesus and our community while equipping students to be disciple-makers.


At Creekside Students, we firmly believe that every student (6th-12th grade) who walks into our lives is seen and loved by God. We believe that God has a purpose and calling for their lives: to love Him, love people, and make disciples. We gather together for worship, to study God's Word, to pray, and to foster relationships. Our goal is to witness students experience the joy of being a disciple of Jesus and understand how simple it is to be a disciple-maker who impacts the lives of others.



Location: Burnt Hickory Community Center


Every Sunday night, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, our students gather at the Burnt Hickory Community Center. Our aim is for students to encounter Jesus, follow Him wholeheartedly, and grow within a community of others just like them! These nights begin with pizza and drinks ($2), games, and a sick environment for students to hang out with one another. Following this, we move into a service featuring worship and a challenging yet practical message—everything centered around Jesus! After the service, students break into small groups to discuss the message and what following Jesus looks like for them. Small groups provide the space for students to be authentic, known, and to start experiencing the life Jesus offers.

Belong Nights (6th-12th Grade)

Location: Burnt Hickory Community Center


These special nights happen once a month and revolve around a singular focus: letting students know there's a place where they can be fully known and deeply loved, a place where they truly belong. These nights will have a special event, free food, and will end with worship and a message. Our goal is for students to leave feeling loved, acknowledged, welcomed, and that they ultimately see Jesus for who he is. We firmly believe that Jesus alone can fulfill you, and we want you to know there is a place where you belong...with his family!





Our goal is the foster a culture of authentic conversation rooted in the love of Jesus. We want to walk through ideas such as love, faith, purity, and culture, inspiring the younger generation to live a life, fully consumed and unashamed of the gospel. We hope that you feel loved and inspired, and that you learn something from today’s episode. 




We want students to be a part of Sunday mornings!

We value the next generation as the church of today! When we gather on Sunday morning we are gathering with all of our family who has been adopted into the family of God by the blood of Jesus. We want our students to know that Creekside Church is their home, not just Creekside Students. We do this by incorporating students into part of the gathering on Sunday morning. We hope you can join us on Sunday mornings, and we hope you know you belong here!


Student Section:


We know as a student, you need your space. So we created it. When you come on Sunday mornings we have a section just for students in our front and center rows. We love to pack it out and see students bring the energy. They are some of the most passionate worshipers in the room.


Students Leading Worship:


The church is made of people gifted by the Holy Spirit. This includes students. We are passionate about seeing students use their gifts for the body of Christ. One of the primary ways you will see this is through students leading worship on Sunday mornings. We also have students using their gifts to serve in other areas in our church as well.



Student Sunday Team / Connection team & Prayer Team:


We know the value of connection. That's why we have a Student Team ready to connect with other students who walk through our church doors on a Sunday morning. The goal is for them to connect with other students and be available for them to go to for prayer during the service. You will see the prayer team standing in front after the message. We have a prayer station for both adults and students!


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